1. As much as i like summer

    I bloody love winter so much more! The problem isĀ (and if any of you know me then i apologise for this picture im bout to put in your head) im sat here in just my 3/4’s sweating buckets and its 23:15pm. I know tonight wont be spent in bed, it will be spent on the couch with the balcony doors wide open so that i am just a little bit cooler than the surface of the sun.

    Most would say stop being mard and i would agree with them if it wasnt for one point. Im always warm, Monty makes comment about that all the time. Even in the coldest depths of winter i tend to be lovely and warm, so imagine how im feeling right now. I kinda know how those poor german shephards are, oh so smug in winter with the massive coats but come summer heatwave and its bad times. Poor buggers! And its going to get worse, they reckon tomorrow is going to be a scorcher as well, well into the 30s… Joy!

    Its funny if you think about it though. Tonight i went for tea with Monty, Sarah & Stu to Qubana’s in Wakefield. The last time the 4 of us went there together for tea was about 6 n half months ago… I was driving through just shy of a foot of snow and now here i am sat in my shorts sweating out… Extreme weather differences eh. Atleast were having a summer though i guess, more than can be said for last year!


  2. In the begg…en…Middle of something

    So this is all brand new to me. My girlfriend has, not so much bullied me in to this but said that she thinks it would be a good idea for me to have a blog. Im certainly not the sort of person to be opinionated but i do like to watch the world go past and make comment on it. This can and usually does tend to cover a wide variety of different subjects from having an appreciation of someones dress sense to just being curious as to what would happen if certain inanimate objects could talk. The things they would say eh…. christ.

    (Locke Park - Barnsley - 11/07/13)

    So here i am, sat here on my iMac listening to spotify as my girlfriend Laura (though i do refer to her as Monty for future reference) sits opposite me on her sewing machine trying to sort out a top she made a few months ago. To be truthfully honest i have no idea how she does it, though i guess the same can be said for a lot of thing. Don’t get me wrong, im a pretty patient person but i would get way too annoyed adjusting this and restitching that… Bah, that doesnt sound like fun to me. Though i guess writing this and wondering the kinda things i wonder probably doesnt seem like too much fun to her either.

    (Locke Park - Barnsley - 14/07/13)

    I plan on updating this every other day but once a week i will post some of my favourite pictures i have taken that week. Its kind of going to force me back in to my Photography. I used to love it but then kinda fell out of love with it after doing a photography course which forced me into doing photography that i didnt always enjoy. But alas as you can see i am on it like a car bonnet… or however that quote goes.

    (Mr & Mrs. Merrick Wedding - Wirral - 06/07/13)